Many P3D Addon Airports are not equipped with Visual Docking Guidance Systems (VDGS) or have only static or partial dynamic ones. SimObjectDisplayEngine SODE (freeware) and SODE VDGS Pack (payware) allows to place various full functional VDGS systems on any addon airport. Here you find some SODE xml placing files for various addon airports.

The big work beside placing the guidance systems, is to retrieve the correct information about type and/or systems installed. In most of the cases it is very difficult! For this reason some airports don’t reflect the real situation!

If you have more accurate information about listed airports in the download section, please leave a message at this mail: info@flightsimati.com

To use these xml files, which contain the position and type of guidance systems you need:

Unless otherwise instructed all xml files have to be simply added into:

C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml     folder…thats it !


22.04.22 Venice LIPZ RFscenerybuiliding (new version)

15.04.22 Dallas KDFW Fsdreamteam

11.04.22 Rio De Janeiro SBRJ Paulo Ricardo

31.03.22 Shenzhen ZGSZ WFSS

20.03.22  Edinburgh EGPH ORBX

02.03.22  Tansonhat VVTS Vietsim Scenery

01.03.22 Sharjah OMSJ MSK

28.02.22 Zhenzhou ZHCC WFSS

28.02.22  Darwin YPDN MFSG corrected version

25.02.22 Lima SPJC PKSIM

25.02.22  Billund EKBI SIMNORD

11.02.22  Islamabad OPIS SimArc

23.02.22 Bogotà SKBO PKSIM

20.02.22  Antalya LTAI v2.0 JustSim

VDGS at GATE 114, 117, 231 and GATE_B 117, 232 added

17.02.22  Ankara LTAC SceneryTR Design

15.02.22  Kunmin ZPPP WF Scenery Studio

13.02.22  Tenerife South GCTS Digital Design

12.02.22  Brussels EBBR JustSim

New version Cargo stands added

All stands working L+R !

07.02.22  Malmö ESMS ORBX

04.02.22  Guangzhou ZGGG Bridge

02.02.22 St. Petersburg ULLI Digital Design

Corrected version : -Stands renumbered to match yellow line designators, Stop positions adapted for correct Jetway operation, VDGS added

23.01.22  Changchung ZYCC  (old) Dazzle Colour Games

23.01.22  Lhasa ZULS (old) Dazzle Colour Games

21.01.22  New Orleans KMSY LatinVFR

19.01.22  Baltimore KBWI LatinVFR

18.01.22  Madrid LEMD LatinVFR

New corrected version please read text file inside !

09.01.22 Hong Kong Kai Tak VHHX (old) FlyTampa

08.01.22  Alor Setar WMKA MFSG

08.01.22  Kuching WBGG MFSG

07.01.22  Penang WMKP MFSG

07.01.22  Riyadh OERK MFSG (new ! replaces file published 06.01.22 ! )

06.01.22  Palma de Mallorca LEPA MK Studio (adapted stop positions stands 30 – 36)

01.01.22  New York LaGuardia KLGA ImagineSim

23.12.21  Sibu WBGS MFSG

09.11.21 Santa Cruz SLVR LatinVFR

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